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Csaba Rédey-Nagy

Csaba Redey Nagy

Csaba Rédey-Nagy – Speech-Language Pathologist

Hi, I’m Csaba (pronounced chah-bah). I was educated at University College London, in England (Master’s and PhD) after my clinical undergraduate studies in my native city, Budapest, Hungary.

My eager interest in languages, linguistics and the biological basis of communication led me to speech-language pathology, a field about which my keen curiosity has not dwindled ever since I received my first degree in speech-language pathology in 2003. The majority of my work has been in schools or clinics with the school-age population, but I also have some pre-school experience. My main interest in speech-language pathology for many years has been speech disorders and interventions, developmental language disorder and speech perception, which also constituted the bulk of my research work. I have extensively worked with children on the autism spectrum or other conditions that have an element of communication difficulties, such as Down Syndrome or intellectual disability.

I am registered with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC.

I believe that children learn the best from adults with whom they connect well and when they are having fun. He likes to make his sessions focused but enjoyable.


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