Sunrise Speech and Myofunctional Therapy Sunrise Speech and Myofunctional Therapy


I want to thank you for all your positive energy while working with C! We really appreciate your expertise and patience while working with him! Thank you, for all that you have done for him and all that you are to him! We feel very fortunate to have had you for this time!!


We have seen such tremendous growth in J in so many ways. The gift of speech and language has opened an amazing world to him.


Our daughter has been receiving speech and language therapy for this past year. She thoroughly enjoys seeing Dara and looks forward to her sessions each week. As parents, my husband and I have noticed a significant difference in her self confidence. Her speech is much clearer and her level of frustration has disappeared, letting us as a family enjoy a happy, confident and very social little girl. We are so very blessed to have been referred to Sunrise Speech and Myofunctional Therapy. Dara has made a tremendous difference in our families lives and we appreciate her so very much.

S. S.

Dara provides a fun and creative teaching environment. She adjusts her speech programs to tailor to my child’s needs and keep him interested. With easy to implement exercises, it ensures consistency at home.


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help with developing and improving B’s speech. His self confidence is much higher than it used to be and he is flourishing in school! He even won a gold medal at a Speech Arts Competition among Catholic Schools in Surrey! He recited a poem where he received a standing ovation! He would never have accomplished this feat if it weren’t for you! We really appreciate you and your work. God bless you always and the great good you do for children.


Dara, thank you for giving me back my wife!
(a comment from the father of a little girl I had been seeing for therapy, because D’s wife had been depressed for months, blaming herself for her daughter’s delay)


My son A. had been seeing Dara weekly for 2 years and recently reached his goal. A. first came to Dara with only 10-15 words in his vocabulary. She assessed him and she set out a direction for where he needed to be and how we were going to get there. And when I say ‘we’, I mean Dara, A., myself, my husband, grandparents etc. anyone in A.’s life who was going to need to help.

Dara has been a great teacher for my son and our family. She gave us tips, tools and lots of homework to work on at home.  She worked very hard with A. weekly and there was a stretch of time that things did not seem to progress but with hard work and persistence he got passed that hurdle.  Dara did not let A. get distracted or get away with not focusing on the job that needed to be done.  If he had a difficult session she would tell me and that is what I wanted to hear because then we could work on the struggle at home. She also knew what he was capable of so she would push him even if he prenteded he was hungry, tired, etc. I knew that the session went well when he would come running out with stamps all over.  Dara would then fill me in on how the time went and what we needed to work on before the next session.

Dara showed great professionalism and had an ability to connect with my son so that he felt comfortable to work on ‘his words and sounds’.  With Dara’s help my son can now be understood by his peers and adults alike; I would highly recommend Dara as a speech therapist.

S. K.